Day 14 – 18…A Hectic Week

First of all I would like to apologise profusely that it’s been so long since my last post.

Unlike Weeks 1-2 I actually started my 3rd week of THE challenge with something of a plan of attack.

On Monday (having gained a free gym pass, courtesy of CP and the gym right opposite our flat) I wanted to finally put the ‘go to the gym and get a guy to help me with one of the machines’ to bed. However sadly it still wasn’t meant to be. CP text me that she’d had a hectic day at work and would be late home. We still could have gone when she got back but I’d come down with the sniffles over the weekend and wasn’t really feeling all that great anyway so I decided to postpone this one again. For dinner I was making myself a restorative chicken noodle soup so I ran down to Tesco to get some coconut milk. As I left the flat my keen eyes spotted a really cute guy outside the gym standing behind a promo table. And immediately I thought, “there’s an opportunity, I should go and speak to him”. I’m ashamed to admit that I did immediately chicken out and headed straight to Tesco. But I knew I couldn’t let myself (or you guys) down anymore especially after my abysmal effort the previous week. So after I bought my goods (you never only buy the ONE item you intended to) I sauntered straight over to that trestle table and was delighted to find I was greeted with a beaming smile. I hit him with my opening line. “You looked lonely and I’m nosy so I thought I’d come over!” (Where did this flirtatious being come from?) he then proceeded to offer me a piece of fruit, so I took a banana (naturally!) and he explained the membership options available to me. He was so cute I didn’t listen to a word that he said. And in an effort to improve upon my previous failures I tried to continue the conversation by asking him about the classes they offered. Unable to think of anymore to say I thanked him for the information and flashed him my winning smile to be returned with an incredibly winning smile of his own. I headed home feeling a little lighter and dare I say proud of myself? I promise one day I will actually make it inside that damn gym!!!

When my GBF RW suggested I join a meet up group as one of my tasks I actually struggled to come up with a group I’d like to join at first. After a little soul searching and a lot more thought than I care to admit I realised that a singing group would be perfect as I LOVE to sing. So after some intense ‘googling’ I found the Big Sing Choir. On Tuesday I arrived at Soho Square a tad early so decided to call MM and wile away the minutes with a catch up. At 18:25 I inhaled deeply, ended my call and headed to the House of St Barnabas where the group meets every Tuesday. I arrived at reception and patiently queued to ask where I needed to go. A man who was waiting behind overheard my conversation, and it turned out he was joining the group as well.  Already I’d met a man? Sign me up for the rest of the year!!! I’m joking, he seemed lovely but wasn’t really my type, however I discovered that he was there for the first time as he wanted to try something new. We ascended the stairs chatting amicably until we reached the choir room to be greeted by Jon who runs the sessions jamming behind a keyboard. For the next 10 minutes the rest of the choir assembled, mostly regulars, but with enough newbies that I didn’t feel totally out of my depth. Of the choir of roughly 30, there was a grand total of 4 tenors (that’s the highest male vocal range for those of you not well versed in musical lingo), with the rest of us being an assortment of Sopranos and Alto’s. We started off singing Take That’s ‘Rule the World’. I absolutely adore this song, mainly because it’s the theme song for one of my favourite films. In the second verse there is a part for a soloist and Jon asked whether anyone would like to volunteer to sing the part. I quickly gazed around and as no one seemed too keen to fulfill the role I put myself forward. Now there is an important fact about myself that not too many of you will know. As much as I love singing? I suffer from an almost crippling shyness when it comes to singing in front of a crowd. At school whenever I had to sing a solo I would get so nervous I’d shake uncontrollably. I thought I was past that phase but as my part came ever closer I found my breathing became erratic and my nerves caused my body to tremble as it so often did when I was a teenager. I know as an adult I’ve definitely sung in front of a few small gatherings without any evidence of my anxiety but I realised, that a) it’s a lot easier when I’m in a crowd of people I know and b) I can’t think of a time when I’ve had to sing to a number of people unaccompanied by that fake confidence provided by alcohol. With the aide of some deep breathing I got through it relatively unscathed and Jon even asked me to sing again when we repeated the song later. I enjoyed my evening at the Big Sing group and while it probably wasn’t the best choice to help me with the man challenge it actually helped me face another of my long forgotten fears.

On Wednesday I arranged to go to Bar Salsa with OP. We met at Leicester Sq and after a quick bite to eat we made the mad dash up Charing Cross Road, attempting to avoid the multiple puddles and heavy downpour. We arrived with soaked feet  however nothing could dampen my excitement. As soon as we spied the Cocktail menu all thoughts of sogginess were forgotten. At 7pm they have a free half hour class for very new beginners where they teach you the Mambo, the Rumba, the Basic Back and finally the Cuban Open Out. As if there were secret hordes hidden in the wings at 7:30 the dance floors were flooded and I actually wandered if there would be enough space amid the crush. The teachers quickly organised us into groups of Beginner, Beginner/Intermediate, Intermediate and Advanced. After which you’re made to partner up and dance around the room swapping partners every few minutes as if one is in attendance at a swingers party. It was so entertaining and of all the men I danced with there were 3 in particular that became my favourites, and they happened to be standing next to each other. I don’t know what that says about me. The first was a French guy who barely spoke any English but he had a nice face and was really sweet. The second (well he sounded Spanish) but he told me he had been there a few times before and it really showed he was probably the best dancer and the third was a guy that couldn’t dance that well but he was so funny about it, and he was actually better than some of the other guys I’d had to dance with that night. Unfortunately I think all 3 of them were there with girls but I had such a fun night I will definitely give Bar Salsa another visit, and I urge you to as well.

Thursdays task was completed due to an impromptu invitation from my boss. After a team meeting he announced that there was a networking event being held at one of our  main offices and I jumped at the chance to ‘attend a networking event’ as per one of my suggestions. I agreed to go for an hour or two (yeah right) but let’s just say I was not home by 6 as intended. The event itself was really enjoyable and I got to speak to a number of interesting people. After the event officially ended I was invited to the pub downstairs to continue the merriment and I’ll be honest one person of the male variety caught my attention and I spent the social part of the evening flirting rather heavily with him despite his somewhat arrogant demeanour. Suffice it to say I did not meet “the one” that night but I had a brilliant time and as a requirement of my new role I have to attend networking events more frequently so who knows what will happen in the future.

Until next time…


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