Day 7 – 13 – Tasks Gone Awry

This post is probably gonna be another short one (although saying that once I get going I can ramble for England so on second thoughts maybe it won’t be) but I haven’t been as committed to my tasks this week…I’m sorry guys!
I’m putting it down to a combination of laziness and misfortune…
Following my last triumphant outing my devotion took somewhat of a swan dive. On Monday I had planned to go to the gym with FL and ‘get a guy to show me how to use a machine’ however when I contacted her illustrious gym to wangle a (hopefully free) pass I was informed that they only sell passes for the “bargain” price of £20 per session. Therefore I took the decision to postpone that one for another time. That evening I arrived at Holloway Road to realise I hadn’t even looked for any opportunities. Now I need to give you a little back story before I discuss my next activity. In front of our flat complex, new student accommodation is being built and over the past few months whenever I’ve walked past, there’s always a guy in a hi vis jacket standing outside. To me he always appears to be skiving (as whenever I see him he’s usually chatting on the phone). So on Monday realising I needed to do something and I happened to be walking toward him as he was hanging up the phone. I decided to throw caution to the wind, I don’t really find ‘guy in hi vis jacket’ attractive but please allow for the fact that I was desperate at this point. Which led to me taking the course of action that I did. Rather than walking past him with my eyes steadily fixed in front of me to avoid any kind of interaction I actually looked at him and asked “Shouldn’t you be working?” (I know…I have no clue where I get my bags of charm either). He then proceeded to inform me that standing there WAS his job, and for the first time since I’d first noticed him standing there I became aware that the word ‘SECURITY’ was printed on the back of his hi vis jacket. Another tell tale sign that he wasn’t one of the builders? At no point had I seen him wearing a hard hat.  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little shamefaced, however one good thing came out of my faux pas! We now appear to be firm friends and whenever I walk past him he greets me in an extremely friendly manner.
Now on Tuesday I had an experience that was annoyingly similar to that fateful Tuesday (2 weeks earlier) that prompted this whole escapade. I was on my way to work and as I was traversing the escalator in yet another busy tube station my eyes alighted upon a pretty damn handsome man, who happened to be heading upwards on the escalator on the opposite side to me. Imagine my delight when he looked right at me and didn’t instantaneously look away, so I treated him to my mega watt smile. (I am getting SO good at that now by the way!) And guess what…
However in this situation it was bitter sweet, as overjoyed as I was to receive such a positive reaction, short of vaulting over the central reservation or waiting until I reached the bottom of my escalator then chasing him down in order to force my business card into his hand. There was very little that I could do…
Somewhat dismayed and frustrated I continued my journey with a renewed determination to make something happen that day.
As some of you may know I’ve recently started working in Canary Wharf and the first few times I visited I got spectacularly lost! I seem to have gained a vague sense of direction when I’m there but as I got closer inspiration struck, it would be the perfect opportunity to ask someone attractive for directions (I can play the damsel in distress very well when needed). I reached the shopping centre and I started my search in earnest for my next victim (muhahaha) however in line with that well known law of Sod’s (or Murphy’s dependent upon where you hail from) when you actually look for a hot man you can never bloody find one (well that’s not actually Sod’s or Murphy’s law word for word but you get my drift). After looking for a good 5 minutes unsuccessfully I spotted a man who was dawdling and not just flying past me at the speed of light. (I’ve discovered that Canary Wharf epitomises the term ‘time is money’ and the worker bees sure do make it obvious when they rush past you leaving nothing but a breeze in their wake as evidence.) I made a bee line for him and asked him the way to Crossrail Place, while he answered me I became conscious of the fact that I hadn’t mentally prepared any follow up speech and I had no idea how to draw him into further conversation. With nothing further to add to the interaction I flirtatiously smiled and thanked him then turned in the direction he pointed me and continued on to work…
Later that day my GBF RW gave me a further opportunity (funnily enough it was to fulfill a task he himself had set me) to attend one of his comedy shows as his +1. RW is an aspiring comedian and he has been touring the city regaling people with his stand up routine and I have to say he is pretty damn funny! Therefore I jumped at the opportunity. That night I headed to Charing Cross Road filled with excitement and a few nerves, when I got to the venue I had to stifle a laugh…I was confronted with the gayest pub I’d ever seen. If its location wasn’t clue enough, then the pink fascias with ropes of fairy lights dangling down in front made it more than clear! Having said that when I got downstairs the crowd was not as singular as I’d expected. We were ushered to sit in the front seats by the organiser of the evenings events, which meant we were ripe to be picked on. The first half of the show passed without much incident, during the intermission I ordered some nachos (BIG mistake) when the plate was delivered to me it was HUGE and during the second half, 3 of the comedians went out of their way to point out my massive plate of food. By the end of the night the audience knew my name where I was from who I was there to see, the fact that I like nachos and also my bra size. OK I’m joking about that last one but let me tell you it’s pretty uncomfortable to be put on the spot in front of a  crowd of people you don’t know. But at least I now know I’ve gained the ability to be mercilessly picked on by strangers….
I didn’t manage to tick any more items off the list for the rest of the week but I promise you with the things I have planned I should have lots to tell you next time.
Until then…

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