Swan Song

It occurred to me recently that I didn’t explain the reason why my regrettable actions during my tube experience all those weeks ago led to me exposing my thoughts online, and believe me I’ve often thought that what’s in here should just stay in here. My rationale may well be quite apparent, but as I’ve stated previously I … More Swan Song


Online Dating

Before I first moved to London I never really saw the point in online dating for myself, don’t get me wrong I wasn’t against the idea of meeting guys online, but at the time I wasn’t really plagued by that need to meet “someone” and therefore I couldn’t really see myself doing the whole online dating … More Online Dating

A night in the Pool

Due to my most recent decision to extend my challenges I’ve now taken a much more relaxed approach to my everyday activities. However opportunities are wont to strike, and on a Friday, during a Work’s leaving do, strike they did. After a few (who am I kidding, it was more than a few) drinks in … More A night in the Pool